Don’t Let Stress Keep You From a Good Night’s Sleep

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Don’t Let Stress Keep You From a Good Night’s Sleep
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Congratulations on your new baby! You are about to experience the most incredible and wonderful time in your life filled with love, joy and baby snuggles. While I truly believe you will eventually feel all those warm and wonderful feelings, you might also feel some overwhelming stress that you aren’t quite sure how to deal with yet.

Even the happiest events in our lives can sometimes have stress attached to them. If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know exactly what I mean. Having a baby is no different. You’ve probably been flooded with family and friends visiting to see the new baby, so much advice that you aren’t sure what’s right and what’s wrong, all the while still trying to keep up with managing your household and learning to be a parent of a helpless little creature who depends on you for everything they could need and want. To top that off, this new little baby doesn’t seem to want to sleep very much and that means you aren’t sleeping much.

Add to all that stress the hormonal changes in your own body after delivering your baby, and you have a formula that’s guaranteed to be stressful. You may even be wondering if you’ll ever have a restful night of sleep again.

It’s easy to tell someone “don’t stress out” but I want to do more than that. I’ve got a few tips that I think might help you to keep stress to a minimum and maybe even give you a little more sleep in the process.

  • You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it is 100% positive advice: when your baby sleeps, you sleep. Don’t worry about the dishes our the laundry, you can do that when baby is awake. At least for the first month, if your babies eyes are shut, yours should be too.
  • Your friends and family are visiting because they want to see that little cutie, but if they love you, they also want to help. Let Grandma come over and baby sit while you get some much needed rest. That’s what Grandma’s are for!
  • If you’re like me and use my favorite lavender bath soap on baby, pick up a little for yourself and when baby falls asleep for the night go take a nice relaxing bath in some lavender scented water set to some soft music and candles. This is a great stress reliever!
  • Let dad take over. It’s hard to give up control, I know. As a mom, you want to be there to comfort your baby when she cries, but dad can handle this. Let him show you how great of a dad he can by taking over when things get rough.



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